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Vicki's Gaming Parlor

Premier Video Gaming Lounge in Oswego, IL

Playing video games is more enjoyable when you do it in a place that caters to your gaming style. And Vicki’s video gaming lounge in Oswego, IL, provides you with that perfect atmosphere. We offer a suitable, comfortable space for gamers to spend long hours playing video games. 

We also offer food and drinks, which you can enjoy while meeting new gamers and socializing with friends. Whether you’re someone who enjoys playing casual games or a hardcore gamer, you will surely enjoy spending time at our video gaming parlor. Visit us today in Oswego, IL.

About Vicki's

Vicki’s is a family-run-and-operated entertainment facility in Illinois. We offer video poker machines and slot games in Illinois, and we also provide food and drinks for gamers to enjoy.

Even better, we ensure we always maintain a friendly environment. We do this by providing outstanding customer service to all our patrons. In the future, we plan to expand all our gaming avenues to give people joy and happiness while positively impacting the lives of our patrons. Contact Vicki’s today to learn more about us and our offerings in Illinois. We help take your gaming style to the next level. 

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